Hello, everyone.

I'm AJ. I'm 29 years old and I've been interested in falconry since 2013 (I know, not that long, but...) Anyway, no one I knew was into it, and frankly at the time I wasn't prepared for what I later learned is a VERY time-consuming, long-term lifestyle choice, and not just an expensive hobby. Well, here we are years later and I have some experience (thanks to a serendipitous meet-up online with a local falconer), including trapping, manning, training, and a lot in between, I'm finally in a place where I'd like to start the process of pursuing this dream I never really let go of for myself, instead of working with someone else's birds.

I'm looking for someone in or near Orlando, FL who would be willing to take me on as an apprentice. I'm passionate about this lifestyle, and I've already put in some of the money and work to chasing this, hopefully, soon-to-be reality. I have land where I can build a mews, a lot of the equipment, including anklets for both a red-tail and a red shoulder, jesses, leashes, and an old perch, which I've acquired during the two years I spent working with the aforementioned falconer's birds.

If you are willing, please let me know. If you know anyone, or any other sites/forums/locations where I might be able to ask around too, I'd also welcome that.

Thank you in advance.