Howdy. My name is Bryce and in a surprising revelation, I am fascinated by falconry. I am currently not in a position to begin my apprenticeship as I am planning on moving to Alaska in the next two years. I've been aware of and interested in falconry to some extent since I was a teenager, but now as I am seeing my plans for life start to fall into place and as I plan for where I will be putting roots down I am beginning to do my research into which of my interests are the ones I will devote my time to.

I recently read William Oakes "The Falconer's Apprentice" and absolutely loved it. I am currently scouring for books to read on the subject, and since I live in Boise, my fiance and I are planning a lot of trips out to the World Center for Birds of Prey to learn more and talk to people about Birds of Prey and start to get involved in the larger world of these fascinating creatures. I also hear that they have quite library on falconry.

I do want to start out with a question. One of my favorite hobbies is backpacking, and of course my brain asked the question of "Can you go on overnight trips with your bird?"

Anyways, I am glad to be here and hope to soak up lots of knowledge and contribute to the community in what little ways I can at this time.