Good morning folks,

I recently contacted the Pennsylvania Falconry and Hawk Trust to get in touch with their apprenticeship coordinator to get the ball rolling. Getting into falconry has been something I have been tossing around for a few years now, with never actually taking the first steps to getting started. I'm passionate about the outdoors and hunting, but feel as though I need a deeper connection to nature for my own satisfaction. For this reason I have finally decided to get into falconry after some much needed thought.

Anyhow, I have contacted my local organization and am waiting to hear back from them in hopes of finding a sponsor to get things started. My schedule is busy but I feel as though I will be able to get the ball rolling to start an apprenticeship. If all goes well I plan on fully engulfing myself in a falconers lifestyle. Many falconers work busy schedules and find the time to maintain healthy relationships with their birds, and I feel that I will be able to do the same. As for now, I look forward to talking with some of you about getting started in this lifestyle and look forward to making my way along this journey. Thanks!