I rarely post here on nafex, but I wanted to give credit where it's due. I bought a practically brand new Marshall uhf receiver and scout transmitter from a member here, and I have been very happy with them. One day last week, my transmitter stopped working out of nowhere. It worked totally fine the day before, but the next day it would not turn on. After routine troubleshooting like the magnetic on/off switch, along with all new batteries, I gave Marshall a call.

I spoke with Mandee who was so pleasant and very nice to speak with. She asked if the transmitter was under warranty or not, and we quickly figured out it wasn't. She gave me the info on where to send it and said that a tech would take a look at it and be in touch with me. I'm usually a glass half empty kind of guy, so I was expecting to hear that there was something wrong with the transmitter and I would have to buy a brand new one. I was beyond surprised and quite pleased when Mandee called me a couple days later to tell me that there was an issue with the transmitter that was unrepairable, and that they would be sending me a replacement for free under warranty.

I came home from hunting a couple days later and had my brand soaking new transmitter waiting in my mailbox. I am so pleased to receive such a high level of customer service from Marshall. They've found a life long customer in me as I wouldn't buy anything else. If anyone from Marshall ever reads these posts, thank you very much for such great customer service.