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This is from NAFA's site.


Private Ownership of Raptors
NAFA is a strong supporter of private ownership rights of captive bred falconry raptors, within the overall meanings of this policy.From a practical perspective however, NAFA’s position is that the well-being of raptors is a higher priority than the rights of the falconer.Falconers do not intentionally place their own interests above the well-being of their birds.Therefore, NAFA supports the current legal frameworks which allow only duly licensed persons to possess raptors for any purpose.
Herein lies the issue (anyone please correct me if I'm wrong), some of the falconry community believes we need to sacrifice our simple constitutional rights to ensure the well being of the birds we care for and others do not (read my previous post do they? or are the afraid from potential repercussions of pushing this issue?). I'm sure those in the camp that believe we don't need to give up a simple constitutional right would not be opposed to coming up with another avenue to ensure that the well being of raptors used in falconry is being considered.