I have tried to read as many sources on this topic as I can. And the more I have read, the less sure I am. This leads me to believe there is no easy answer, which is apparent from the very passionate arguments (both with very good points) coming from each side.

I will say this... as someone “on the fence” who is trying to decide what he feels is best for falconry as a whole... the publications the PLF have come out with feel more like attacks and smear campaigns to me. They seem as though they are designed to enrage me against the way things currently are and make me feel ashamed if I’m not.

That doesn’t sit well with me. Appeal to me with logic and reason. Don’t try to rally me with the troops and shame those who don’t get in line. That will turn me against your cause (I am not saying this is the intent of the PLF, merely my current perception).

I will continue to watch, read, and learn as much as I possibly can. I may never make a decision one way or another. But initially, I’m disappointed in the public approach taken by the PLF.