I liked Paul's post on his experiences with NAFA. People tend to complain a lot about how an organization is lacking in whatever. You want to change something volunteer and do something about it. It's easy to complain harder to actually do something about it.

We all have opinions and here's mine, just because we have opinions it doesn't mean they are constructive or that we should always share them even when asked. I may have an opinion on NAFA, for example, and it may be a complaint, but if I'm not going to do anything about it does it really matter? Probably not, It just means that I feel some way about something but not willing enough to make a change so how useful is it?

So much of this is front porch old men on rocking chair talk. Nothing wrong with that though.

Guess those that are doing are doing. Thanks to those that volunteer their time to NAFA. I appreciate you giving your time for something you care about.