Just wondering how many folks are still using 216-220 telemetry and how many have switched to GPS and 433-434? And when Marshall will start making dog collars in 433-434? The reason I ask is about a month ago, our 2 DD's went missing. We let them roam the woods of our 150 acre mtn place in VA and they usually never go too far and always come back when called. Well, they were let out and then didn't come back when called as it sometimes takes them a while and we had to go somewhere so we figured they would make their way back as they always did but while we were gone, there was a downpour of rain so I think they weren't able to follow their scent back. They were gone and we put up lost dogs on message boards and created a group txt of all the folks in the area and 2 days later were spotted and I was able to go to the area they were spotted and called them in. This got me researching putting telemetry on them while they are up there and I immediately went to Marshalls website to see about ordering a couple collars only to find they only came in 216 or 217. I contacted them and they said they don't yet make them in 433 or 434. I upgraded to GPS and 433-434 so no longer have a receiver in the 216-217 range. I ended up buying this cheap system called MarcoPolo which works but not as well as what I really want. So how many folks would like for Marshall to start making their dog collars in 433-434 or do folks use other systems like Garmin?