Just a quick update regarding the Goshawk.

I have changed a few things which seem to have helped, though I didn't use OC techniques.
First thing, I removed her from her mews where a lot of the aggression occurred and kept her on a bow perch in the house 24/7.
She never gets fed in the house and all meals she has to work for outside. I temporarily stopped hunting her, [this prevented aggression on a kill] and just did some exercise routines such as rope
work ect.
The aggression stopped fairly quickly and she stopped trying to nail me, to just an occasionally threat behaviour. This reduced as time went on.
After her behaviour had improved somewhat I then took her hunting recently, where she caught a hen pheasant. There was a fair bit of screaming and manteling on the kill but I could reach in and dispatch the quarry without issue.
I then gave her some space and left her to pluck for 10 minutes and break into the pheasant, I then transferred her to the lure, while I picked up the dead pheasant, remove a wing and breast, then called her to the fist to finish her meal as we walked back to the parked van.
Happy days so far.