Wow where to begin. I guess i need to let everyone know I have been out with a severe illness. I was sick for at least 2 years maybe even more. Its a blur for me now and I can't remember most of it. Fast forward to now. I am cured and lucky to be alive. I cheated death twice and could barley call my life a life. It is so good to be alive and able to do what I enjoy again

I want to apologies for the lack of me being on here and the lack of being able to tend to the NAFEX. I was just not in any shape to do what needed to be done. I am now able to do what I need to do.

So i am working on the email function as I type. If there are any other issues please post in this thread and let me know.

Thank you for keeping the site going while I was out, its so nice to see her up and running with you all still posting. I know its not IG or Facebook but NAFEX will always be here and there for you all forever.

Happy hawking to you all,