Looking for some troubleshooting guides or a FAQ on the system. I have had the turbo system for a few seasons and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately recently I started getting huge swings in altitude data. I'm not talking about a random -200ft to +400 (however I'm frequently getting more then normal negative to positive swings). The issue has been happening over a week or more daily with both the standard and omni antennas.

It's more like every data update its bouncing around to a point where I dont trust the data to be even close to accurate. For example the bird is at a constant height of 500ft in a soar. The gps will go from 50ft above, next update 800ft, then 200ft, then 500ft, then back to 50ft, -4000, 250,500.
I haven't changed any of the hardware or software iPad compass is calibrated and up to date. Same results with 4 different batteries. I'm a member of the user group on fb but you have to wade through a ton of post to find anything relevant. Any help on calibration would be appreciated.
Ryan S.