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I need raw signal samples from the Marshall RT-GPS 433/434 MHz transmitter that caught a fix and sends radio signals.
Such samples can be recorded e.g. with an SDR dongle (audio filter turned off) and saved in a PCM .wav 48kHz 16 bit file

A page with such signal samples can be found at this link:

Unfortunately, Marshall and other brands' falconry GPS telemetry is missing.
I would think that MRT had the presence of mind to use some at least lightly encrypted data format and ambiguous modulation rather than sending NMEA using a
widely used modulation method.

I would simply buy a Pocketlink and use the time you will waste decoding the data from their reasonably priced system to go hawking!

Even if you do manage to decode it, an SDR is not exactly a conveniently portable way to track your bird in the field.