Test thread:

It occurred to me that we haven't had a new tutorial on photo posting since the new method came to be. So here we go:

There are two ways to do it, first is a quick link in the message reply box, either the quick reply window or advanced reply:


Then select from computer and then choose file. Find the image on your computer or phone. Select it and then click upload file(s). It is not obvious that the upload file(s) is a hyperlink/button. If you get a failure message at this point, it is because the image is too large and needs to be resized to upload to the forum server.


It will appear as an attachment with this code in your reply box:


Then you can add lines/spacing between to get a nice neat post/layout. Use the preview post option to test things as you upload them.

When you preview or submit the post, they also appear as attachments down under "additional options":


You can click manage attachments and add/delete photo's via that link as well. It's a little more complicated to insert them inline to the code. But play with it and see which you prefer.

Fire away with questions, use this thread as a test for getting images to upload/post correctly.

When uploading from mobile devices, often due to sizing and orientation formatting of the device, images will rotate 90 degree's. Nothing we can do on the forum side, need to put them on a computer and save with the correct rotation then upload.