AeroVision for Android Beta will be available as General Release, Monday, May 24th.

What Android OS Versions are supported?

OS Build / Versions Supported: Android 10 / Android 11

What Android Devices are supported?

AV for Android is a very high-performance, demanding app and designed to run on higher-end phones and tablets, specifically models with speedy processors, internal GPS, internal magnetometers (compass), BTLE connectivity, and running one of the latest versions of Android OS (10/11).

List of Supported (Tested) Devices:

Google Pixel (2,4,4a,5)
Google Nexus Tablet
Samsung Galaxy S7-S10,S20,S21
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
Other devices may work perfectly, but as each manufacturer uses different hardware with their unique Android architecture, performance may vary (and some devices may not work at all).

Simply log in to the Google Play Store on your Android device, and search for "AeroVision5." Tap "Install."