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Thread: Paypal gliches with RodentPro

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    Default Paypal gliches with RodentPro

    I've been a customer of RodentPro for years. Always satisfied.
    a month age I placed an order over the phone for a couple bags of rats and mice. Didn't arrive.
    A phone call and I found out the their system doesn't like Paypal and automatically cancelled the order.
    I was out of food and talked to Curt the manager. I told him while I wasn't their biggest customer, I was a steady one.
    I told him that I saw the FEDEX truck drop off a box the last Sunday. This was Thursday.
    He told me he would have my order processed that day and on my front step the next day. I'm in Idaho.
    Sure as shooting, it was there.
    Needless to say I won't be using Paypal with them anymore.
    Nice to be able to say good things about any company.
    Dan, aka oldguy.

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    I'll add some kudos for RodentPro! I recently placed an order from them. It was shipped via FEDEX and the order was posted on FEDEX's tracking system as "on truck and out for delivery" for THREE DAYS in 105-112 degree weather. SeriouslY??? Finally did arrive about 6:30 at night on the THIRD day it was listed as being on the truck for delivery. Not a huge surprise, when it finally did arrive - the product inside was thawed to the "OMG this is thawed to where I can't use it" stage. Contacted RodentPro and they shipped replacement product immediately - NO extra charge. Even though the problem was not on RodentPro, they took care of it immediately. Yes, I'll concur. This company is EXCELLENT to work with.
    Deb Davis
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