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Thread: Special Hand-tied Trapping Dho-Ghazzas left over from an order

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    Default Special Hand-tied Trapping Dho-Ghazzas left over from an order

    I have 5 speciality dhos that were custom tied for a falconer who bailed on his order.

    Four are made from dark green 60lb spectra, 8lb mono-filament diameter. They are 4" and 4.5" mesh (depending on the net), roughly 4.5' x 6' in size. These nets were specifically designed and built for longevity and durability and are double-tied throughout all the middle knots, and triple-tied for all exterior knots. They are ready for purse string if that's how you set your nets up. I made one of these nets for a bander who's caught over 1,750 raptors, originally built in 1998 and is still in use today.

    I also have a black dacron net 4" mesh, made from 35lb tensile strength thread.

    I typically charge $95 / net for the double/triple-tied spectra nets and $65 for the dacron nets.
    Asking $65/net for the spectra nets, $40 for the dacron net.

    I'm discounting these nets for a full order for all 5 as I don't want to keep them in stock.
    I'll sell and ship all 5 nets (CONUS). Paypal as Friends/Family for $250

    Thanks for looking!
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    -Marlow (The Net Maker)
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