Thanks for the welcome!

I *TOTALLY* hear you. I brew all-grain myself but have moved to an all-in-one system instead of using a mash-tun to make it easier. I also heavily prefer german lagers so that works out. I brew, let them age for months, then brew more.

The freezer I'm using for falconry is technically the freezer I used as a fermentation chamber before I had glycol chillers. I thought about turning it into a keezer but I think my wife (who is a pescatarian / almost vegan) would appreciate not having blocks of beef hearts and random dead animals waiting for me to cut them up in the main freezer.

I personally couldn't care less if it's dead as long as it's not spoiled/rotting.

Thanks for the response. I hope others with parrots will chime in also.

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Hi Kevin,

Welcome to NAFEX and the wonderful world of falconry. With regard to your parrot there are a lot of falconers who also have parrots and I've never heard of any parrot having issues with a bird of prey nearby. In fact, falcons evolved from parrots, so it's kind of family thing . Hopefully someone with parrots will chime in on this thread.

I homebrewed for years, all grain, 2 -3 batches/month, I always had 2-3 different styles on-tap in a dedicated chest fridge it was great. Then one day I was working in the yard and almost got hit the face by a canyon towhee as he was fleeing a sharp-shin that too also almost smacked me upside the head. Next day I searched the internet for falconry, and here I am 22 years later and I can count on one hand how many batches I've brewed since then. Not saying it'll happen to you, but your home brewery might not be seeing the use it once did after you open Pandora's box of falconry.

Good Luck!