At this stage in life I finally have the time and financial resources to properly pursue Falconry. It's been a lifelong interest. My children are grown and my significant other is nothing but supportive of my new endeavor. She realizes it will occupy a great portion of my time but thinks it will be good for me so I'm ready to get started. I've been reading everything I can such as the Falconers Apprentice by William Oakes etc. I've familiarized myself with my state regulations and I am prepared to submit my application for my permit and get scheduled for the exam. According to Maryland regulations, I need a sponsor to sign the application before I can do either. I've reached to the only two listed within 2 hours of my location according to my states websites and both numbers are no longer in service. Does anyone have any ideas? I assure you I am serious and prepared to do whatever it takes to get things underway. I have a perfect location for a mews and weathering yard. Ample land to hunt and plenty of time to spend with my bird. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks