Jazz is a 2021 Hatch Female Harris Hawk. Breeder was Jeff LeCompte in Louisiana. Birds off of Coulson's HH produced Jazz. She is what I consider a bigger HH. Hunts in the high 900s and with the proper environment most likely over 1000 grams.

The GOOD: She is a strong, fast and silent bird (completely silent when I got her - rarely vocalizes at all in weathering with the exception of my other HH instigating her, but even then she makes minimal noise). Follows excellently. Will hunt over a dog without issue. She will take a hood easily without issue.

The Bad, maybe: She is glove hesitant, but I am 100% sure this is from being initially trained to the T perch as opposed to the glove with here 1st owner and then being free lofted without contact for many months. South Louisiana, the area where she was hatched, has almost no trees in the hunting fields and HHs are hunted exclusively in wide open fields from T perches. Her hesitancy / bating comes when picked up out of the weathering and being taken to the scales. Once weighed and when she knows "what time it is" she stays steady on the glove and is ready to go hunt. When her weight is high she will try and "flyby" the glove and steal the tidbit.


Hatch year she went to a falconer who lacked time. He trained her and hunted her some.

She went back to the breeder after that and was free lofted and basically became feral in a breeding chamber.

I received her in March and worked with her to transition from rabbits to squirrels. I hunted her twice and she killed one squirrel. And I really didn't work with her that much at all to get her going.

Shortly after that I received another HH as a gift from a friend. The HH I received needs no manning / work and I don't have the time to work with Jazz the way I would want to this season.

Jazz is still molting currently and is tethered in a weathering area. She won't need any "training" at all to get her hunting (following and killing) and if you make in slowly she is fine. She will need manning to the glove (if that is what you want out of her).

Price: $700 if you pick up in Southwest Mississippi. If you know the price of a Coulsons HH hawk, this is a steal. I STRONGLY PREFER PICKUP. $800 plus actual shipping if I have to ship her. I provide the shipping crate.

Text me for pictures and any questions you might have at 225-772-8032. The first thing to tell me when you contact me is that you actually possess a valid falconry permit (yes, I have had non falconers and expired permittees try to buy birds, lol).

Thanks, and God bless you and yours.