Hi there! I am a new falconer, having finished my apprenticeship in 2022 in Saskatchewan flying my female peregrine. That being said, I did an 'unofficial' apprenticeship 2017/18 while living in Arizona where I flew Harris's Hawks and Kestrel and learned most of the technical ins and outs, terms, and handling. Professionally, I am a wildlife biologist and ecologist with a specialty in bats, but i have worked with and studied a variety of animals. Falconry for me is a way of deepening my understanding of the natural world, and the roles we play in it. It has brought a lot of joy (and pain...as we all know) in my life, and it has taken a chokehold on my heart. Im hoping being on the forums will help me find a little more community and also act as a place to find some guidance if things pop up!

Happy to be here! - Dana