This is a 2016 hatch pure Gyrfalcon bred and raised by Bob Berry. He was flown for three years, starting out with a kite to over 1,000 feet then hunted on ducks. The last three years he has been in a breeding chamber with a falcon. Although he gets along fine with his mate, this bird did not go through the normal breeding behaviors. A different, experienced falcon could make a difference.

Well-mannered and hooded easily when he was flown. Flying weight was around 1,050 grams. The left nare was ripped years ago as shown, but it does not affect the growth of the beak.

This information from Bob on his genetics: "He is pure Ungava Bay and descended from Jessica, my all-time favorite bird. (Jessica and her sister were) Taken by Frank Bond and me from Cape Dyer in 1975, the last great permitted expedition through The Peregrine Fund. Your bird's mother is the daughter of Jessica's sister Fiona and was an excellent flyer with a great wingbeat. The sire is Billy, a great white male that Bill Cornatzer flew for years."

Asking price is $3,500. Prefer pickup in Pinedale, Wyoming or potentially meet in region for transfer. Shipping is available but involves a 4-hour drive each way to the Salt Lake City airport at an added cost.

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