$600 - Located near Brookhaven, Mississippi. Strongly prefer local pick up. $700 plus actual shipping cost if I have to ship her. If you are within a few hours driving distance, I may split the distance with you.

Grace is a 6 year old female Harris Hawk.

The bad: She is missing her toe nail on her outer left small toe, from a squirrel bite with her original / previous owner years ago. So it is a pretty yellow toe with no nail.

She vocalizes loudly and intently around my small dog, but not my big dog. She doesn't attack the dogs at all, just in close proximity to my terrier she protests loudly. Did I say loudly? She will hunt over a dog, BUT she is very vocal at my small terrier and only up close, not while flying / hunting. Doesn?t attack the dog just yells at it.

I have had her for less than 1 year. I had intentions of keeping her and hunting her this season. On our first hunt she went after a squirrel and took a bite to her big toe on her left foot. Her foot is completely fine, but I have too many squirrels around to hunt her without having her chase them and the next bite may not work out that way.

The Good: She is an awesome, strong and fast Harris Hawk. Follows excellent. Currently flys at 900, maybe a tad under, but has flown as high as 940 muscled up. She has hunted in a cast of 3 birds before. I have video available.

She will chase / kill what you want her to, but if there is a squirrel around she is on it and fast. She is very tame and allows handling all over her body without issue. beak, head, wings, feet and tail. Uses the giant hood without issue. Recalls to the truck / vehicle as well. She will hood, but she doesn?t prefer it. Previous owner thing, not me. Easily can be trained out of her though as she is so tame.

She would make a great abatement bird, hawk walk / experience bird or a great rabbit / bird hawk. I personally wouldn?t hunt her again on squirrels, but I don?t frown on anyone who might want to.

Call or message me with any questions or for pictures and information. 225-772-8032 Anthony