Hi, all,

My initial reason for joining was because of a suggestion from a fellow falconer to look here for some telemetry equipment, but who knows what other reasons I may have for participating?

Briefly: I followed in my then-teenage son's footsteps to become a falconer when he apprenticed in 2014-2016. I felt like I had to shadow him on account of his age?and the fact that he was too young to drive! Anyway, learning alongside of him gave me the desire, so I apprenticed 2016-2018. He put his falconry on hold when he started college, and it's still on hold, but I've been going ever since, with a one-year break. We've only had RTs and my current one is the 8th between his two and my 6.

Anyway, I am now on the hunt for a now out-of-production Tracker receiver (preferably the Maxima). That same fellow falconer I mentioned has one, I saw him use it effectively once, and I like the portability of it.

That's all for now.