Hello...I am new to forums so please be patient with me. I am a goshawk lover and have a new first time tame hack. I am so impressed I can't believe it is real. My last gos was a recipe and had some health problems but sure could hunt! I had a female chamber raised bird that I inherited and had poor luck with. She seemed to hate everything (including me!)! I train my own dogs (goldens) and live next to a hunting preserve. I hope to hunt ruffed grouse with this new gos and am focusing presently on conditioning. I am entering to rabbits first so I won't lose the opportunity. I feel I'm behind schedule at present and am really interested in any tame hack info I can get. Barry sold me the gos and has been very helpful. I have been a falconer for 13 years, but feel I'm still inexperienced. I have had health problems of my own, but currently have acceptable energy and ability to hunt. I am really looking forward to being a part of this forum!