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    Quote Originally Posted by FredrickFogg View Post
    I don't think most folks think of Falconry Forums as part of their falconry expenses! I think if a forum is going to charge someone to be able to go into the chat room, then they should charge you to join the forum, then everyone would be able to go into the chat room. It should be one way or the other. Donations and advertisements should pay for the forum, not required fees! Just my opinion!
    Quote Originally Posted by tacatanach View Post
    Your right it doesn't run for free, but I'd like to think that people who are in a place in life where they can contribute money will do so and those that arn't will find their own ways to contribute- be it taking wanta be falconers from the forum out hawking, or buying what they need to purchase from site sponsors.

    I'm able to do this by not spending money on extra stuff- like to talk to the same people I can talk for free on AIM or other falconry forums...

    Neither one of you are even close to why I make the chat for the forum supporters. Believe me the money I have received from the donations doesn't come close to the man hours I put into this forum nor the costs of the software and programs I have purchased out of my own money. I do it because I want a great place for falconers come and enjoy themselves..

    Which leads me to why I only leave it open for those who contribute. You may not know, but my last forum was hacked through chat.. yes, almost lost everything because of it. All the hard work me, Wes and the members put forth was almost lost because of some idiot who had a thorn up his ass thought it would be a great idea to destroy this forum.

    Everyone loved chat but I needed a way to help narrow the suspects down.. So I figured if you gave up some of your hard earned money you would not act like and idiot in chat or try to hack NAFEX. We cant moderate the chat like the forums. It keeps the garbage off of it and helps keep some of the hacking at bay.

    So to think "I charge for Chat" to make a dollar is absurd and actually offends me. Neither of you have any idea how much money or time it takes to run a successful forum. I encourage you to start one for yourself... Heck that is the reason I started NAFEX. I was unhappy with what was out there. So there you go.. you want free chat, now you have a reason to start your own.

    Enough said about this, Chat is only for supporting members!!!. If you don't want to support NAFEX ( $5- to $?) Then by all means you are not coming into the chat, period.. In fact if you think its absurd or to have a forum that has chat for members who help support the site is wrong, then i recommend you dont type in your address bar. Everyone comes here because they want to be a part of this forum. I only want people here that want to be here. I have stood by that from day one of this site going up.

    As I said it has nothing to do with money, it has everything to do with keeping the integrity of this site intact.

    Now I will be getting in my Ferrari with a license plate that says NAFEX..

    If you have any other concerns please PM me.
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