I am opening a new thread to ask advice about training "Bullet". Bullet is a tame-hacked imprint tiercel western coops. He flys at 260 grams. He caught 80 assorted small birds and over 40 "preserve" quail over pointing dogs before I put him up for a forced molt. He has been a great bird...tame as a Harris.
We had no aggression issues. He did carry a couple of times, but he instantly brought the kill to the lure for a trade off when presented. I plan to translate this into him bringing his kill to the fist sometime this season. I hope to have him ready to fly when the birds migrate back in late this spring.

I have only been calling this bird to the lure. He has Zero glove/food
association. I trade off his kills to the lure. I would like to be
able to hood train this bird. There are times when it would be very
advantageous to hood him until a dog went on point. Especially as we
will begin attempting some woodcock this next fall. I am new to OC
techniques. I have used some OC techniques to shape puppy behavior,
but I am no expert. I have searched this forum and can't find a good explanation or layout of hood training an imprint accipiter and the
best method of offering the reward.

Can anyone offer advice on:

1) Using operant conditioning techniques to hood train a cooper's hawk?
2) Using operant conditioning (or other techniques) to train a cooper's hawk to retrieve his small bird kills to the fist