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    Default 09 Hunting Harris Hawks from

    We are excited for the new breeding season at
    Eggs have been laid and I am now taking names for the wait list. I am producing a limited number (8-10) of harris hawks this year. My goal is to provide quality, not quantity.

    My breeding pairs are all proven game hawks. They are solid hunters and are well mannered.

    I produce exceptional game hawks. They have taken a variety of game to include crows, pigeons, squirrels, jackrabbits, ducks, and geese to name a few. They are quiet and have an excellent demeanor. Not one of my offspring from last year screamed or became vocal. If you've never heard a screaming harris hawk, you don't want to.

    I provide them all with the best diet money can buy. Many breeders cut corners on the diet because they have too many offspring to feed. As I mentioned, I keep my clutch count low as to ensure they all get the best nutrition.

    I will be asking 775.00 for males or females plus shipping.

    I take any from of payment including credit cards.

    I know that times are tough right now and money is tight, so I am offering payment plans as well. Please contact me if you would like to discuss payment options.

    please see my breeding project at for more information about it.

    *** For all active members who order a bird from me, I will include a t-shirt and 5% off of the price of the harris hawk***

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