I just got the new Imprint Accipiter II book and thought it was great. Some good reading. I knew McD was big into using baggies, but after reading his book I didn’t know he relied on them so much and puts so much stock in their use. The link below is another recipe created by a guy in the UK. I think he has some good points.
I don’t really think keeping a carcass all the time with the eyas and using it as a platter is so necessary. I think I will just use the lure instead of the carcass. In fact I am thinking of not feeding the eyas off of any of the kills (baggies included) What I am thinking of is using baggies in the evening and morning and once the bird has settled down and starts to pluck and relaxes a bit, but before breaking in, transferring the eyas to the lure which is already pre garnished and the food pre weighed and then use Barry’s method of using two lures and switch the eyas from one lure to another until with equal amounts of food on each lure until the bird finishes its ration. I will tame hack the bird. I will also use Pet Smart’s timed feeder as well.
Transferring a bird before it has broken into the quarry isn’t a new thing. I have read about a few people who do that, but I don’t know if they started this out when their hawks were eyas’s or not. I think starting when they are eyas’s would be the way to go. What do you guys think? Isaac