Hello everyone:
I found this forum via Ev Horton, and recognize a lot of names on here from other lists.
My name is Isaac Gale and I am 19years old. I have flown 6 passage RT's and 2 passage coopers. I am college student studying towards an economics degree. I live in the southern part of Michigan in the US. I am totally obsessed about falconry. There is not one day that goes by without me reading something that is falconry related. In fact when I walk in to a store I start picking up stuff and think how it might be useful for falconry. I started a pigeon loft last year as I intend to fly a tercil peregrine this year, and am looking forward to it. I used to run beagles at rabbits but gave it up, as I got tired of working with stubborn dogs. I now hunt pheasants with a Gordon Setter. If you have questions about me feel free to ask. By the way I suck at introductions. Isaac