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Welcome to the board. I am 18, also a college student, also going to try my first big pointy wing thing this season [flew a kessie a few years ago]... in fact i'm dreading making the phone call in a few minutes thats gonna set me back a few hundered dollars LOL

Why did you choose gyr for your first big longwing? If you dont mind me asking?
To be honest, i was planning on a male peregrine. When i saw the gyr/sakers up for $600 which is basically what i was going to be charged for a tiercel peregrine, i was not worried about species so much as extra size. I am mostly going to be flying the bird on jacks with ducks on the side, so getting the bird to mount up high is not a huge priority to me as was a little more stopping power and size, not to mention that sakers take hares in their natural environment and will give the gyr blood more asper resistance.
Thanks I was just wondering.