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    Default PVC Giant Hoods

    After much thought and many requests, I have decided to offer the PVC hoods I make for sale.

    I made my first PVC hood about 4 years ago and have been tweaking the design until I think I have found what is close to perfect. I have had a few of my close friends test out the newest design and it has passed with flying colors with them. These GH's are very rugged and can take a beating. In fact, I still use the original one I made from 4 years ago. It is still going strong and looks great.

    The Giant hoods are made out of marine grade expanded PVC that has been impregnated with UV protectant. This helps them to last many seasons over and can withstand the elements. The expanded PVC allows the box to have great structural integrity and not compromise the weight. These Boxes are very light.

    Also, unlike wood GH, The PVC is not porous and nothing in the box is organic. Both of these qualities help detour mold, mildew, fungus, or spores from growing.

    They are very easy to clean. You can spray your favorite disinfectant in them and then just hose it out. You dont have to worry about anything warping or rotting. As I stated before, nothing is organic.

    These Giant hoods are also Airline approved. I have tested this myself and flew my harris hawk in one of them to NAFA last year. Dropped her off at the cargo and picked her up there. Not sure how many coroplast hoods can say that?

    Here is what you get:

    - 22 1/4 x 23 x 12 Marine Grade PVC Giant hood (impregnated with UV protectant)
    - Bare PVC Perch ( you supply the perching material)
    - Door with Lock and Key
    - Carry Handle
    - Vented panels

    - Custom Screen print- done by Ben Gibson ( NAFEX id -Bgibson)
    -Up to 2 logos or designs( see pictures below for examples of the screen print)

    *(With the Screen print option, the " Caution Live bird of prey" and your name address and phone number are standard)*

    I am No longer selling or making these... this thread is kept up for reference purposes

    Please see the pictures below for examples of some of the hoods I have made. I will take pictures of all the hoods that are ordered and sent out.

    Keyhole print

    Gotta love Hawking trips!!!

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