Howdy to you all..!!

I've recently been bitten by the Falconry bug. Watching all the videos and reading all the info I can online. I think Falconry is an amazing experience even though I have yet to get really involved.

I'm waiting on a reply from Alabama Fish & Game regarding the "Falconry Package" so that I can get a better understanding of the steps taken for a beginner. I envy you all that have been doing this for years or even one day.

I'm a single white male, age 41, animal enthusiast. I have a 4 year old cat and 14 month old Chocolate Lab. I take great pride in training my dog, named Red River. I've taught him verbal and hand signal commands. He's my pride and joy - even without having wings - haha.

I look forward to talking and hopefully meeting some of you in time. From the few dozen threads I've read, I think I'll fit in just fine with this motley crew - lol.

Here's to new friendships..!!!!

PS: Thank you to Isobael for sharing your info, pics and videos of your beautiful Kestrel, Fizgig.