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    Default AFC Picture Book Submissions

    Hello all,

    I am putting together a picture book to help raise money for legal fees incurred on our continuing quest to get things happening (a list of these things and past efforts will be posted in the next few days). The book is not intended to make us a killing, it is more a way to have a cool discussion piece available to AFC members and non-member fellow falconers alike while helping to take the edge off of some of our legal costs. We feel it will help to create even more of a bond between us all. We will purchase the books and sell them for a small mark-up (which I intend to disclose when we figure out what the costs are).

    We will offer this book for sale through the new AFC website (coming soon!). If you would like to help in our efforts and think you have a pic you'd like to see considered for the book please send us your pictures. I will need high resolution digital images .jpg .tiff at around 300dpi or more is best. Or, if you would like to mail actual pictures or discs to me at my company you can find the address at my website (see signature).

    Here is what we are looking for...

    Shots depicting falconry or trapping - action shots, falconers with birds, falconers with friends, historic shots etc. I am thinking about having a main section, then if there is enough interest and GOOD shots I might add a "Good ol' Days" section as well as an "Outside the Americas" section. Pictures with strong historic content or obvious beauty in action will rise to the top of the heap!

    Please include.
    Bird(s) breed/name/age in picture
    Quarry (if any)
    Falconer/Owner name (where do they live - city/state/country)
    Photographers Name
    Where and When shot was taken
    Any notes you consider interesting - meet name, 30mph winds, hungover...

    Submission DEADLINE: June 15, 2009

    I will NOT guarantee every shot submitted will be chosen for the book. We are going to pick the best of the best and go from there. If any of your submitted pics are chosen, we will send you a waiver to sign stating that you own the rights to these pictures and that you are giving us permission to reproduce them for this book.

    It will be hard bound and with your help, beautiful! Price will depend on just how big we make it!

    You may submit digital images to me via email at - please note, if images sent add up to more than 20mb please use to get the images to me!

    Thanks all!

    If this one goes well, I hope to do smaller "shots of the year" books on a yearly basis.

    Is the molt over yet? frus
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