Hey Everyone,

I need some help finding a home for an English Pointer that I became the new owner of last night. I will post pics later. The dog came to the clinic after being hit by a car. Her former owners would not pay for treatment and agreed to surrender the dog to me. I am paying for all the treatment and I would take on this challenge if it were not for the fact that I already have 5 dogs and the inn is full so to speak. She has severe injuries to her right front leg, broken ribs, and road rash. The former owner said she is a magnificent hunting dog. This is a link for the sire of the dog in question. I'm still trying to get more info for the dam. http://georgiapointers.com/dog.php?dogID=90

Unfourtunately the dog is going to loose the right front leg. We are amputating on Monday. The combination of injuries to the carpus and dislocation of the elbow are such that the dog will not be able to uue the leg well anyway even if we are able to put everything back together.

The dog is a female liver and white 2.5 yrs old. Does anyone want her or know someone that would give her a try. She should still be able to hunt. She has a super sweet disposition. If anyone has any more questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.