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    Default New AFC Logo!!

    Here is the new AFC logo. It was designed by the award winning design team at A3 Design. It is intentional that we were going for something outside the norm... something beyond what is already out there. The board is thrilled by the design. We know that EVERYONE has their own opinions. Many people are oriented to the literal. A bird on the glove, the outline of a flying raptor. We were not interested in following old paths. We wanted to step out beyond the "hey, why is that a peregrine and not a goshawk" kinda thing.

    Something bold, simple in form and iconic. Open ended, universal and long lasting.

    We sincerely hope you like it. Some of you won't. That said, this is the new look of the AFC. We hope you will want a sticker!

    Here is what the team at A3 Design had to say about design process of the logo -

    __________________________________________from A3

    Attached is a pdf that takes us through a bit of our thought process in working through this logo draft and how it evolved into what it is. We aimed to create an iconic, generic image that could clearly be identified as a raptor but not identifiable as ANY ONE type of raptor. The wings of the bird were illustrated as a FEATHER and both the feathers and the head lack identifiable detail to further the anonymity of that bird. Overall, the personality of the icon is strong and commanding, is associated with a bird of prey and has a slight undertone of patriotism. This logo sets the bar for the competition; instantly communicating your organization as the most professional, well-established and active organization.

    We really took the application of the logo into consideration providing you options of the logo as an embroidered patch or with out the patch for media and screen print uses. The color palettes were kept close to the raptor's environment with earth & sky tones but are open to suggestions.

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