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    Quote Originally Posted by jhausman View Post
    NAFEX has been chosen for the Official AFC Forum. We did this for two reasons. First, Chris Lynn and NAFEX freakin' rock! Second, we wanted it to be open to the entire falconry community.

    We hope membership can see the benefits of both.

    Thanks Lee! Really glad to have you aboard!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Slikkers View Post
    I agree with the choice of location, Chris, thanks for having them/us here on NAFEX.

    Glad to be a member again Jason.

    Thanks Guys for the kind words. I truly appreciate it.

    It is my pleasure to have AFC here. I was honored when they approached me about their presence on NAFEX. One major goal both AFC and NAFEX share is to inform falconers in a proactive and logical manner. Our pairing enhances this fundamental goal 10 fold.

    The fact that AFC wants to be on an open forum speaks volumes about their willingness to bring everything out in the open and not hide behind the cloak of board meetings, member status, and same old " we are working on it" excuses. They saw the need to have a forum to get information to the falconry community. The AFC stepped up and got the job done. For me, this action alone sold me on the AFC. I couldn't say Yes fast enough. It is a win win for NAFEX, AFC, and the falconry community.
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