Bob Pendergrass and I have been back and forth to Raleigh, NC to talk peregrine take with NCWRC so many times in the past several months I am considering new tires for my FJ. Seems our diligence has paid off. Yesterday, myself, Bob, Daren McGrew and Larry Dickerson sat in on the commisioners meeting and found that they supported take - I have been holing my breath to hear tnews of the official vote this morning.

As NC Falconers Guild Vice President and Easter Director of AFC I wanted to get this up on NAFEX asap. I just got off the phone with Bob Pendergrass (NCFG President) and I am pleased to announced that North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission voted unanimously today to allow Peregrine take on the coast of NC. There are a lot of details that I will be posting on this thread soon. This is just such good news that I wanted to get it out there. There will be two lotteries. One for two birds for NC Falconers only and one lottery for the remaining bird for NC and Non-Resident falconers. I will be posting all the stipulations on take as well as the scheduling for the lottery application asap. I have all the stipulations on take in my possession - the information on the lottery application process should be in my hands in the next week or so.

This honestly feels like some kind of dream.

Thanks to ALL who have helped to make this day a reality! Too many to count!