I received this information this morning from Dr. David Cobb of NC Wildlife Resources Commission. This is history Ladies and Gentlemen. We are all very excited. I cannot thank David and Chris McGrath, of the Atlantic Flyway Council, as well as all the commissioners of NCWRC enough for what they, most certainly, helped the NCFG achieve here.


The Peregrine Falcon Permit Application is now available for sale to residents and nonresidents by telephone (1-888-248-6834) or mail-in application. Below is the link to the application which contains permit requirements and important deadline information.


You can also get to this link from www.ncwildlife.org, click on the "Permit Hunt Opportunities" icon on the right, then scroll down to the "Peregrine Falcon-Migrant Permit Application" link.

Note that the deadline for applications is August 14. We then anticipate having the permit draw completed no later than August 20, one month before the season opens.

Please distribute this information to members of the NCFG and others. If you have any questions or comments, let me know. Thanks!