Hi Everybody,

I am Salman Ali - a falconer from Pakistan. I have been a falconer since the past twenty one years. I mostly fly passage goshawks, sakers, redheaded merlins and shaheens, and I have also flown shikras, sparrowhawks, luggers, a couple of gyr-saker hybrids, a pere-saker and a passage gyrkin (imported from Russia ages ago).

Apart from flying hawks and falcons, I also rehabilitate quite a few raptors every year, with help from some of my apprentices. Last year, we rehabbed around twenty five birds, and over the years, I must have rehabbed well in excess of three hundred birds.

Some of you here, are familiar faces from the IFF, and I hope to get to know the rest of you as well, and learn from you all and exchange notes with you about our common passion.

Happy hawking to all!