I want to thank Chris and Paul for creating and moderating NAFEX. I am a total rookie, I have never posted a message or been involved in this type of communication before. NAFEX is an incredible resource for falconers. It is a real service that helps falconers communicate. We are all unique and come from different backgrounds and live in different places, but we all have the love of falconry in common. In any discussion, we are all going to have different ideas like the best way to trap a hawk, the best way to man and train a hawk. But, by open discussion we can learn from others and improve our falconry skills. Although disagreements will naturally occur, it is important to listen to others and be tolerant of our differences. The things we can learn from other falconers, could save our bird some day. With all the discussion on NAFEX, I can't imagine how difficult it must be to moderate each and every post. My hat is off to Chris and Paul for performing this duty, so that NAFEX can continue to be a valuable service to the falconry community!

I want to thank NAFEX for allowing The American Falconry Conservancy(AFC) to participate in this forum. It is a priviledge to be involved and I hope that this organization is of benefit to other falconers.

The AFC was originally created out of necessity. For many years there was no political changes in the falconry landscape and it was very stable. Within the last few years the USFWS has made changes that has affected all american falconers and thrust us all into participation. Huge changes in falconry are occuring as a result of USFWS eliminating the federal permit, the total rewrite of the federal falconry regulations, the rewriting of the propagation regulations and allowing the take of passage and eyas peregrines just to name a few. All falconers have a voice in these changes and can communicate their individual opinions to the federal government and the states. However, if you are a member of a falconry organization within your state or nationally, the organization can sometimes have a larger impact with the state agency or the federal government because it represents more falconers. We all know this occurs politically with PACs and other large organizations, like audubon who lobby to accomplish their goals. NAFA is the largest falconry organization and they represent many falconers point of view. The AFC was formed by individuals to represent particular viewpoints related to all the changes in falconry. Issues involving the new falconry regulations, peregrine take, non resident take of raptors, and falconers rights are a few of these that the AFC working on. There is not 100% agreement within the falconry community on any of these issues, and the same holds true for any state or national falconry organization. But I am sure that each and every falconer and falconry organization is doing its best to improve falconry for us all.

The AFC has already accomplished many things for falconers. We will continue to fight for falconers rights, as well as the ability to trap and use wild and domestically bred raptors for the sport of falconry across state lines. This organization highly values the opinions of its members and works to fulfill their goals and wishes. We spend about 99% of our funds on political action to represent falconers. The future of our sport depends on being involved politically with state agencies and the US government, therefore we feel that this is money well spent. I invite you all to view our website, in progress, and to talk to any member including myself about questions you may have. Like all individuals, we may answer differently, but I believe we all have very similar goals.
WWW. falconryconservancy.org

Thanks! Jim Ingram AFC president