I raise English Pointers. One of my females had a very small batch of pups on July 27. (only three) That was a Monday, we left on Thurday to go camping till Saturday afternoon, leaving all the animals in the care of a very capable friend. Upon returning on Saturday afternoon, I found that one of the pups was missing. I searched, and searched, and searched to no avail. I came to the conclusion that one of the pups must have died and the mother ate it. Tuesday (4th) night I went out to feed the dogs and could hear the puppies making noise. I checked in on them and found the two remaining feeding on their mother, but I was still hearing a puppies whimper. I started to fallow it and found the missing puppy about thirty yards away from the kennel on the side of a very busy road. I rushed down and picked him up. Checked him over to make sure he wasn't injured or anything like that and put him back with momma. Mind you it had been in the high 90's those several days, his eyes where not open yet, no food or water and now he is about half the size of his littermates. Today is Saturday the 8th and puppy is doing well, with no apparent ill side effects. I am very surprised that the puppy made it. I am sure this will be one strong dog as he gets older. Just thought I would share. Thanks Stephen