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    Default Warrantless Searches & Inspections

    Past President and Legal Liason of The American Falconry Conservancy, Bill Murrin, has written what is essentially a legal brief on the power of the Fish & Wildlife Service, or any state Fish & Game Deptartment, to inspect and search. Anyone who feels they have been victim to what constitutes a 'warantless search' should read it, (it is long, and well worth your attention), and hand it straightaway to counsel, because it could form the basis of a defense.
    Others may wish to read it, as it provides the legal reasoning whereby the AFC asserts falconers' rights as they pertain to inspections and searches. All of it is, of course, premised upon the idea that our birds, once legally harvested or purchased, are in fact private property, as George Allen and others have recently acknowledged.

    Bridget Rocheford-Kearney
    American Falconry Conservancy

    You can down load the document below

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