Well, Francisco, my Gyr/Merlin has become quite the screamer (he's perched on my desk as I write this, and I'm having to wear ear plugs). I realize it is my fault, and almost certainly due to some thing or things that I have done, but I'm not sure exactly what. My guess is I reduced his weight too quickly - I went to a lot of effort to try and make sure I didn't do that, but maybe his definition of "too quick" is different than mine. (He also tries to carry/drag his kills away from me and mantles horribly, but only if I'm moving around if he is on a carcass.) Of course, dealing with these behaviors is frustrating and aggravating, but I was reading Bryant's thread about his gos and his posts about him also having to deal with some screaming issues with his eyas and I felt a little better, just at least knowing that I'm not the only one having to deal with these little setbacks. So, I figured I'd see who else out there is having (or had) similar problems, and also see what advice might be out there for correcting these issues. Bringing Francisco's weight back up doesn't change it, and he screams just as bad after he finishes a meal as before he starts. It's kind of funny - he's sitting next to me on his perch right now all relaxed and fluffed out, with one foot pulled up, screaming his head off. His flying and killing is steadily improving- just baggies at this point since all the wild stuff seems to have suddenly disappeared - and no complaints in that area. it's just that he's a screaming, possessive imprint. (Is this what it's going to be like when my girls grow up to be teenagers?)

So, who else is having or had some screaming issues? Any recovery stories or advice?