I really appreciate everyone's opinion. I think there is a lot of merit to the thought that to some extent this is just another step in their development. I am trying to make sure he continues to get a lot of exposure to things. From the day I got him I used to take him to work with me every day, but had to stop when he developed the screaming- you could hear him throughout half the building. So now when I am at work he's outside in the mews, which is a combined mews/weathering area setup where he can see everything going on around him. The screaming did seem to start roughly around the same time that he became hard-penned.

Ryan- thanks for the advice about trading off to a heavier lure, and then letting him jump to my fist. I have been doing the second part, about jumping to the fist, but hadn't thought about a drag-proof lure. It's a good thought - that way I'm not the one having to hold it in place.