Hi, I have found that, say a bird that screams, if that bird is intent on watching for prey to appear, anticipating for a chance to catch something, that bird will display the stance and silence of a predator about to pounce on something. Just the behavior we want so why don't we just reinforce that behavior. I had a goshawk an eyas tiercel that was just a skitzo mess. After an episode of trying to establish some good behavior and gaining a foot hold of positive happenings, I had just about run out of ideas. I took the bird out of the vehicle very patiently tryinig not get him going again and hoping he would allow me to carry him to the weathering yard without throwing a fit. I hadn't leashed him up yet and I was just holding the jesses A pigeon flew out of the loft across the yard from me and the gos bated at it and I let him go and he caught it. After that I noticed when ever I was carrying him to the weathering yard he was the picture of the best goshawk ever and I started using bagged quarry to step by step guide him in to expecting something every time I was carrying him not always a pigeon but usually a sparrow or even a mouse. Simply put they are very patient if anticipating.