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Fred, Ouch! Are you are laughing outloud at me?

Perfect example, my wifes uncle Jim writes of me and all of a sudden I'm a master abatement specialist. Everyone knows it isn't enough to just be a specialist these days. You question it anyway. Are you a skeptic? Yes maybe no. And it isnt even something I wrote of myself on my own profile. Well, Jim's not my wife's uncle, but helps to make my point,

I'm not going to profile myself as master anything, but there is plenty of room for you to do so on your current profile if you like......

Hoping that at this moment, I am laughing out loud with you.

I don't get too excited with anyone tootin their own horn, though I dont doubt there will probably be a crowd of people standing around watching, taken in by the spectical.

I never laugh out loud at someone, only with them. Now I might laugh under my breath at them!

And I am with you on not tootin my own horn. I like to look at things from both perspectives, sure some folks would put on their profile their years experience to toot their own horn, and I just ignore those types. But when I see someone posting advice, I am just trying to figure out a way that others could look at their profile and get a feel for how valid that advice might be. There is no sure fire way, but what does it hurt if we had it on our profiles?

Personally, I hate the labels the falconry system has here in the U.S. Apprentice, General, Master, what do they really mean? They have nothing to do with experience, only with amount of time one has had a license. I have flown buteos, accipiters, and falcons but I am far from ever thinking I am a Master at this. Hell, I know less than a lot of you guys have forgotten. And I don't care how long you have flown birds, there will always be a bird that will teach you something new, so you never stop learning.

Ok, I have ranted enough, my red-tail killed a rabbit today, two days in a row she has killed a rabbit. I think all the flooding has driven them into my squirrel spots. LOL And I don't have any briar scars to show for it, so I am a happy falconer. LOL