I am a first year apprentice in Dahlonega, Georgia. My brother-in-law, Zach Travers, and I trapped our first red-tailed hawks last fall and have had a blast ever since!

Zach trapped a male named Heath and mine is a female named Lexi. Our sponsor, Buster Brown, told us that the male and female birds have very different personalities and as usual...he was right. Heath is quick, impulsive and quirky, while Lexi is stategic, a brush crasher and stoic.

My uncle just passed his written test and plans to trap next season. Another brother-in-law of mine and a good friend are also studying for the test. Buster calls us the "Dahlonega boys" and I must admit, we're getting a kick out of the sport.

Zach and I recently launched a blog on falconry. Check it out: http://hawkheaven.wordpress.com. We're looking forward to getting to know you and sharing thoughts, stories, questions, etc.