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What about me? will you sign my application if you didn't know me? if you both would what is the point?
Chad, if I am a top member of PETA and I have my 2 buddies from my conservation group sign for me what is the point anyway? I have offered to sign applications for people on here and people that I have corresponded with through e-mail, etc., because I think joining NAFA is important. So if someone needs a little help getting that signature, than I am gonna offer.

I have voiced my opinion on this matter to my director, and I encourage others to do the same if they want the requirements changed. Especially if the application goes online, like Fred said a few days ago, signatures would be impossible. I feel that if you are a permitted falconer, then that should be signature enough. If you are not a falconer, then who the heck cares if we get your money. As long as only those with current permits are allowed to vote, who cares if all of PETA joins NAFA? Just more money for NAFA to do what it was intended to do...protect falconry!!!