Hello falconers,

I've made an introductory post here before, but I find it makes sense to make another.
Recently I graduated Brevard Community College with an AA dregree, and I've moved down south to attend Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.
I'm living in Juno Beach, its just north of West Palm and just south of Jupiter.

Now I've gotten into the birds quite a bit, I don't know anybody locally who practices falconry. I did know Spense Wise up in Brevard, but I am never able to contact him. No replies even from voice mail. If any local to the Palm Beaches is interested, maybe I could get to know you, and go on hunts with you to be an observer to the art.

Now that I've got my degree and I'm back on track, my three goals for the future are these:

Become an apprentice falconer after graduation
Get a job I like, intern at a great company
Be frugal with spending and be in a position to help out others in need

So hi again, and let me know what's up!