Hey guys,

I am a young (15) mature apprentice who is traveling to Woodland Park, NJ for three weeks a couple days ago. I was wondering if there were any falconers in the nearby area who would be willing to have me out for a "Day in the Life", where I could observe your techniques and possibly work with your birds and exchange help for knowledge.

Little about me: I started swordplay (learnswordplay.com) in 2006, I study primarily italian rapier, but also longsword and sidesword too. Summer of 2007 Joanne Bentley (emrysraptors.com) joined the school offering courses in The Art of Falconry. I thought 'Cool! Awesome!' and took the beginners course right away, and I joined up as a new apprentice. With her I have worked with a MRT, MHH, female peregrine and male gyr/saker. Off and on I take figure skating, dance, and various drama stuffs...

My Mistress back in Canada, Joanne, said she'd be happy to email you back if you had any questions at falconlady@shaw.ca, or I can send you my reference letter from her. If you're interested send me a email at dance.swan@hotmail.com or a msg through NAFEX and I'll get back to you asap!!

Thanks again!